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Quality Tire Service near New Orleans

Is your tire tread wearing evenly, or do your tires just have low tread? If so, it’s probably time for tire service or replacement. Replacing tires is part of routine vehicle maintenance and making sure your tires are good makes your car safer and can even make it last longer. Come to Ray Brandt Mitsubishi for an extensive selection of tires, and an experienced maintenance staff who will ensure your tires are in optimal condition.

Good Tires vs Bad Tires

Many people may not know what to look for when assessing the condition of their tires. Ray Brandt Mitsubishi can help with that. If you aren’t sure about your tires, come into our service center, and one of our technicians would be happy to take a look. Understanding the condition of your tires is crucial to being an informed driver because something as slight as uneven tire tread can severely impair your vehicle performance.

Some things to watch out for are dry rot and uneven tread wear. Though it is uncommon for vehicles that are driven regularly, it is important to watch out for dry rot in your tires because it can weaken the structure of your tire and increase your chances of having a blowout.

Uneven tread can cause alignment issues that make your vehicle less efficient. Also, it reduces your vehicle’s grip on the road, which can increase your chances of skidding, hydroplaning, and having a blowout, as well as reduce stopping power.

For these reasons, it is a good idea to maintain your tires like you would any other part of your vehicle. This can be as simple as tire rotation to off-balance uneven tread, having a wheel alignment, or replacing worn tires. Come into Ray Brandt Mitsubishi to see if your vehicle is in need of tire service!

Automotive Tires at Ray Brandt Mitsubishi

Ray Brandt Mitsubishi has access to over 10,000 types of tires and has a highly trained service staff to assist you with your tire needs. Our team member can assess your tires and then suggest tires that will be suited to your vehicle and personal needs, all while keeping your budget in mind. Come into Ray Brandt Mitsubishi next time you need tire service or set up a maintenance appointment online.

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