Wheel Alignment

Expert and Accurate Wheel Alignment Near New Orleans, LA

Does your car veer to one side or the other? Does your steering wheel not line up with the direction your tires face? If so, it may be time for a wheel alignment! Come into Ray Brandt Mitsubishi near New Orleans for your next routine alignment. Our experienced professionals will offer a quality service and our service specials offer competitive pricing.

What is an Alignment?

Wheel alignment is ensuring that the suspension and tire tread are balanced on your vehicle. It ensures that your vehicle gets optimal grip of the road while maximizing fuel efficiency. Some might ask, “Why this is important?”, and there are a multitude of answers for that question.

First off, poor alignment can cause your tires to wear unevenly. This is an issue not only because it reduces the life of your tires, but it reduces the grip your tires have on the road. This increases your chances of skidding and hydroplaning, in addition to increasing your stopping distance.

Second, poor alignment causes inefficiency in your vehicle’s power output. It reduces efficiency because when your vehicle is not aligned properly, the engine has to work harder to make the car travel the same distance. This additional stress in the engine can reduce gas mileage and reduce the life of the engine overall.

These issues can easily be avoided by simply having routine alignments and Ray Brandt Mitsubishi offer quality alignments at an affordable price!

Alignment Service at Ray Brandt Mitsubishi

Ray Brandt Mitsubishi wants to promote safe roadways in the Harvey and New Orleans vicinity, and we know the best way to do that is by providing quality vehicles, affordable and comprehensive service, and educating our customers. Our vehicle offer high end safety features to help prevent accidents and minimize damage if one was to occur. Plus our service center uses genuine Mitsubishi parts and gives exceptional service at an affordable price. Our staff aims not only to serve our customers’ needs but to inform them on proper vehicle care to encourage continued maintenance of their vehicle.

When you come to us for an alignment, we use the factory specs so that your vehicle is aligned the way the manufacturer intended, which can make your vehicle run better for longer. Next time you need vehicle maintenance, drive straight into Ray Brandt Mitsubishi for your vehicle service experience! Contact us or set up an appointment online today!

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