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March 29th, 2019 by

The Newest Member Paves the Road

When you take a look at the Mitsubishi brand, you’re going to see a brand that doesn’t have many cars to offer us any longer, but instead has a strong lineup of SUVs that we can enjoy driving.  The newest member of this family is the Eclipse Cross which is a compact SUV that offers you the drive you want and the extensive warranty that you’ve come to expect from this brand.  You’re going to enjoy the active and impressive drive of this new SUV when you take it for a drive.

Stop by for a Test Ride Today

If you’ve been thinking about a small crossover SUV for your drive, you need to see the team at Ray Brandt Mitsubishi to take a look at the Eclipse Cross deals that are offered.  This SUV can be the perfect choice for you to drive on the roads near Woodmere, LA to be the SUV that offers you the ride you want and the tech that you’ll enjoy when you take a drive.  Come in and enjoy a test drive with this team and see what this SUV has for you.

Roominess and Athleticism Offered

The Eclipse Cross is an SUV that isn’t a sports car, but it’s not a slouch on the road either.  This small SUV is one that makes the drive right for you while instilling confidence in you when you’re positioned behind the wheel.  There’s plenty of power for you to enjoy the drive and the short wheelbase makes it easy for you to have the ability to carve up the corners and make the turns you’re looking for.  This is an SUV you need to take for a drive so that you can understand what it brings for you.

Stay Connected on the Road

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross deals you’re looking for will include the benefits of the Mitsubishi Connect telematics system to help you have the features you want to make use of when you’re not in your vehicle.  With this system, you’ll know if your teen is driving on the roads near Woodmere, LA or in an area you haven’t approved while giving you the ability to monitor the speed and other items in this SUV.  Connect and drive this SUV and know what’s going on with your vehicle every day.

Drive Your Eclipse Cross Today

Let the team at Ray Brandt Mitsubishi assist you in making the Eclipse Cross the right SUV for you.  Stop by and take a look at the deals offered that will make it more affordable and easier for you to take this SUV out on the roads near Woodmere, LA today.  Enjoy the extensive warranty, the technology offered, the sporty feeling of the drive and the attractive style offered that make this SUV an enticing model for you.  With the Ray Brandt team, you’ll spend less and be able to drive more on the road.

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